Our Processeses

Harvest - Jima

Agave Tequilana Weber blue variety is the only one allowed for the elaboration of 100% Tequila.

It is a very noble plant, at 6 years of its maturity, a barbeo is made that consists of making horizontal cuts in the upper part of its leaves to favor its maturation.

Once the agave reaches its full maturity (8-10 years) the jima is carried out, to use the heart of the agave and to begin the magic.


The pineapples are split in two, and placed one by one for what will be a wait of approximately 48 hours of cooking, based on steam injection. During this stage the sweet aromas of the cooked Agave emerge, which tells us that we are ready to continue.


Once the agave is at its cooking point, we allow it to cool and then go to grinding, which is the crushing process, to obtain those agave juices of sweet taste and brown color that will become must.


The agave juice gives way to the fermentation process based on yeast that converts sugars into alcohols ... at this point the aromas in those vats are diverse, like cider, apples, fruits, cinnamon, cloves ...


The distillation process is done slowly, paused, letting each step take its time and we do it in two parts. A first distillation, where the shattered must goes to the copper stills and where we obtain a product that we call ordinary, to give step to the second stage where we rectify, profile and refine what will finally be our TEQUILA.


Our American oak barrels hold our Tequila Blanco, where we wait for it to mature to become a Reposado Tequila holding it for a minimum of 2 months. Añejo stays a minimum of 12 months and Extra Añejo stays minimum of 3 years ... During this time it completely changes its flavor, aroma and appearance.